Your path to independence
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Our service portfolio includes everything neccessary for your path to independence.


We advise you with ideas for improvement based on our experience. We want to accompany you and your Startup on your path to independence.


Based on our network around the globe we offer you a friendly and professional network of successful entrepreneurs and investors.


Our secret source is the capability to collect information in real time. That is how we are able to offer bespoke solutions for each and every business.




Our roadmap is efficient and easy from the bottom.

  • 1st Step

    Let's talk!

    At the very beginning we will get together and talk about your goals. Jointly we will draft the conceptual design and determine sub-projects, milestones and resposibilities. This meeting will set the foundation stone for your path to independence.

  • 2nd Step

    Let's raise!

    Once all the defined tasks from the prior meeting are settled the raise for money can start. We will bring you in touch with potential investors and help you to pitch your idea successfully. From the very first slide of your pitch deck to the receipt of the first investments - we will accompany you.

  • 3rd Step

    Let's develop!

    Now let's bring your idea to its very best. This is the stage where you develop your product step by step. Under the terms of lean management it is neccessary to stand to the rules:
    idea, build, measure, learn.
    And this is where you obtain from our network once more. We understand your needs and are able to introduce you to appropriate developers.

  • Final Step

    Let's bring it on the market!

    As soon as you reach the point at which the product is ready to sell, we will show you how to penetrate the market and reach your target group efficently. It does not matter whether you need an excellent online marketing strategy, a direct sales team or just a tricky marketing gag - we offer you everything from one source.

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